MASKER SIGN panel masking paint

Temporary masking spray paint

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MASKER SIGN’® is panel masking paint for temporary masking that can easily conceal signboards and display surfaces temporarily.
It is a simple, clean and safe alternative to plastic bags with no risk of being torn off.

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Data sheet

Volume 500 ml
Packaging Box of 12 cans
Product type Marking complement, Masking paint
Application domain Mapping, tracking, picketing


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Properties of the Panel masking paint


  • Water-repellent product, resistant to bad weather
  • Excellent coverage: up to 5 m2 with one aerosol
  • Removed quickly form smooth surfaces with a dry rag
  • Quick drying: 10 to 15 min
  • Operating temperature: -15°C to 50°C
  • Aerosol cans, gross volume 650 ml, net volume 500 ml, in boxes of 12.

Specifications of the S MARK spray marker



Binder: natural and synthetic waxes.
Pigments: mineral and organic, lead and cadmium-free.
Solvents: complex blend free from chlorinated solvents and aromatic compounds.
Propellant: specific blend of isobutane and propane.

Application method

  • Use head up: shake vigorously before use.
  • After use: purge head down.
  • For certain plastics and painted surfaces it is advisable to test beforehand.
  • One can is sufficient to temporarily cover approximately 5 m².

Health and safety

Safety data sheets are available free of charge on the internet:
No paint mist or drips during use.
CLP labelling with a single pictogram.

H222 Extremely flammable aerosol.
H229 Pressurised container: May burst if heated.
H319 Causes serious eye irritation.
H336 May cause drowsiness or dizziness.

picto inflammablepicto dangereux