Forestry marking spray paints cap : SYLVACAP or STANDARD cap ?

Publié le : 2016-07-12 11:26:58
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In order to improve the safety and performance of our range of forestry aerosols, we developed a safety cap for our foresters customers. Following the incidents reported by a number of our users, the SYLVACAP forestry safety cap has been (mid-2015) removed from the market and replaced by the SOPPEC'S STANDARD forestry cap. The SYLVACAP has since undergone extensive internal but also external (consumers) testings...




A second highly improved version of the SYLVACAP forestry marking spray paint cap was tested with customers and users in France and abroad. Despite encouraging results, there still remains a reluctance about using this cap; that is why it was decided to keep the STANDARD one on all our ranges including waterbased forestry marking paints.


Our researches continue in order to offer in a close future news evolutions.



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