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  • Oil / Water repellent

    A spray that impregnates the surface treated to provide optimum protection against humidity and prevent dirt becoming encrusted. Suitable for both porous and nonporous surfaces such as seals, natural stone and ceramic coatings. The invisible, waterproof yet air-permeable film created provides the treated surface with efficient and effective protection...

    83,40 €
  • Dust Cleaner Spray

    PRO TECH Air Duster is a powerful tool for removing dust and loosening dirt under pressure in hard to reach places. It is specially developed for professional cleaning of computers, telephones, cameras, photocopiers, printers, keyboards, TVs, clocks etc.

    160,80 €
  • Speed wax spray

    PRO-Tech Speedwax is the ideal way to obtain a rapid yet long-lasting shine and protection for any lacquered, chromium-plated or synthetic surface. Removes light oxidation and signs of wear, slight marks and bituminous residues or splashes. Can be used on synthetic materials, bumpers, wheel rims, hubcaps, etc.

    59,40 €
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items