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  • Dry PTFE spray

    A high quality PTFE dry lubricant for mechanical components in metal or synthetic materials that need protection against oil and grease residues. The product forms a dry anti-static film that is virtually invisible, eliminating problems caused by friction on start-up and due to slipping.It is resistant to weather, acids and soft alkalis; it is...

    77,40 €
  • Silicone lubricant

    A silicone spray lubricant designed for the lubrication and protection of metal, plastic and rubber parts. The product is water-repellent, pH neutral, weather-resistant and resistant to acids and alkalis. The silicone spray protects rubber elements from freezing and from drying out, and prevents certain parts from squeaking and cracking. It offers...

    53,40 €
  • Lock spray

    Soppec PRO TECH lock lubricant is a high quality grease-free lube for the protection and lubrication of micro-mechanisms (gates, fences, warehouse doors, etc). Notably designed for the maintenance and care of cylinder blocks for fences, gates, garages and doors, etc. It is also ideal for hinges and tools, penetrating deeply to reach every part of the...

    59,40 €
  • Universal lubricant

    High quality universal lubricant. The white grease spray is liquid when applied to enable deep penetration. It then sets to become a pressure resistant grease. Optimal lubrication is guaranteed, even under high pressure, for a wide range of temperatures. The product protects against corrosion (copper and steel) and is resistant to the damage caused by...

    77,40 €
  • Lubricant spray

    A high quality, transparent and universal means of lubrication that protects against corrosion, wear and seizure. For the maintenance and protection of metals, nuts and bolts, hinges and battery terminals, etc. Water-resistant and pH neutral, it is resistant to salts, weak bases and acids.

    65,40 €
  • Paint remover

    The Soppec PRO TECH Stripper acts rapidly and intensely for a powerful effect. Ideal to remove alkyd resin-based paint or aqueous phase epoxy and polyurethane coatings, even if bicomponent, etc. Can be applied to almost all surfaces.

    137,40 €
  • Leak detector spray

    For the verification of gas pipes under pressure, providing a rapid, effective and efficient way to detect leaks. Recommended for checking any gas pipework, compressed air installations, couplings, compressors, air pipes, tires, flanges and seals. Easy to use, non-inflammable and non-corrosive. Is removed with water and without any danger to the environment.

    77,40 €
  • Shock Spray

    The Rust remover shock spray is a perfect solution to release seized or rusted parts. The spray produces a thermal shock that breaks rust and unblocks jammed elements. Ideal for releasing screw fixings, gears, locks, fixing materials, etc.

    59,40 €
  • Anti graffiti

    The solution for almost every graffiti problem. Efficiently removes graffiti from painted, varnished or rendered surfaces and fromTrespa, Plexiglas, polycarbonate sheets, etc, without damage. Can be applied to any type of surface: doors, road signs, blinds, trains, bus and metro, various lacquered and coated materials and Plexiglas.

    143,40 €

    GREEN TECH Bio-based Power Cleaner from the SOPPEC PRO TECH range is a high-performance product in DITYBAG packaging and can only be used with DITYBOX. With its excellent cleaning and degreasing power, GREEN TECH Bio Based Power Cleaner is effective on all types of dirt, whatever their origin.

    63,60 €

    GREEN TECH Total Power Grease from the SOPPEC PRO TECH range is a high-performance multipurpose grease in DITYBAG packaging and can only be used with DITYBOX. It is ideal for general lubrication of bearings, offers good resistance to water, oxidation or corrosion and provides good protection against wear and vibration movements.

    71,20 €

    GREEN TECH Bio-based Penetrating and Lubricating Oil from the SOPPEC PRO TECH range is a high-performance product in DITYBAG packaging and can only be used with DITYBOX. It offers a penetrating and solubilizing power of dirt, a very good separation of water and a good anti-corrosion protection. It also offers good temperature resistance and leaves a...

    63,60 €
Showing 25 - 36 of 38 items