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    • Universal Degreaser spray

      POWER CLEANER is a professional grade degreaser spray with high dilution capacity. It can be used for the maintenance of machine parts, brake shoes and linings, chains and gears, etc and can also be used to clean compressors and industrial installations. Leaves no residue and is neither a conductor nor corrosive.

      53,40 €
    • Tar Detector

      PAK Detector is a spray paint that makes identifying the presence of tar in road surfaces easy by detecting the PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) compounds. Road and highway maintenance requires work to be carried out to the various road surface layers.

      121,80 €
    • Warning tapes

      Signalling tapes intended to ensure safety on any building or worksite, or for marking-out events (races, hiking, event car parks).

      685,70 €
    • RAL touch up paint

      An Acrylic Touch Up Paint formulated with acrylic resins for fast drying with an excellent surface finish. Can be used on a variety of surfaces, particularly metals, in diverse areas of activity such as touching-up paintwork on agricultural machinery or construction plant, fencing, industrial maintenance and paint repairs, and to identify pipework (RAL...

      36,84 €
    • Non fluorescent worksite marking paint [6 months]

      S Mark Non Fluo is used as a complement to S Mark Fluorescent marking spray paint for everyday marking and identification that require neither long distance high visibility nor a marking duration greater than six months. It is also perfectly adapted for covering previous marking in black. Also fitted with the Soppec “TP” safety cap, it is both reliable...

    • Anti welding spatter

      Our Anti spatter spray prevents welding spatter from adhering to welding nozzles and burns caused by metal particles in and around the weld area. Easy to use with a silicon-free formulation. Can be used for a wide range of welding techniques. The protection provided for welding nozzles will extend the working life of the welding gun.

      83,40 €
    • Oil / Water repellent

      A spray that impregnates the surface treated to provide optimum protection against humidity and prevent dirt becoming encrusted. Suitable for both porous and nonporous surfaces such as seals, natural stone and ceramic coatings. The invisible, waterproof yet air-permeable film created provides the treated surface with efficient and effective protection...

      83,40 €
    • Speed wax spray

      PRO-Tech Speedwax is the ideal way to obtain a rapid yet long-lasting shine and protection for any lacquered, chromium-plated or synthetic surface. Removes light oxidation and signs of wear, slight marks and bituminous residues or splashes. Can be used on synthetic materials, bumpers, wheel rims, hubcaps, etc.

      59,40 €
    • Cleaner for synthetic materials

      Soppec Cockpitspray is a high quality cleaner and protectant for vehicle interiors. Easy to apply it cleans, protects and improves thegeneral appearance of the dashboard and interior trim. Free from silicone and antistatic it leaves surfaces dirt-resistant for a period of several months.

      47,40 €
    • Mastic and adhesive remover

      The Soppec PRO TECH mastic and adhesive remover dissolves glue, tar, mastic and silicone residues easily and quickly. The idealsolution for degreasing surfaces prior to other treatment. Will leave the majority of painted surfaces and synthetic materials undamaged, leaves no residue.

      101,40 €
    • Residues remover

      Designed to rapidly and safely remove residues of glue, polyurethane, tar, mastic, oil, Tectyl and glue, or any other sticky substances. Is also ideal for removing grease or resin and for cleaning tools. Non-corrosive and leaves no residue after use.

      107,40 €
    • General purpose cleaner

      The Soppec PRO TECH Multi-clean Spray is ideal for almost any surface and a wide range of different types of dirt and residue. Amongst others, it will remove grease, nicotine, silicone and fingerprints from the surface treated. It is antistatic and can be applied to any smooth, non-porous surface.

      53,40 €
    Showing 49 - 60 of 96 items