Spray marking paint manufacturer and European leader in its sector

  • technical products for cleaning, lubricating, protecting


    A complete range of high quality products to keep your equipment, parts, gears and construction tools functioning.

    The products of the SOPPEC PRO TECH range offer a wide choice of aerosol products grouped according to their functions : PROTECTION, CLEANING, LUBRICATION.

  • Temporary and special effect spray paints


    Our temporary marking spray paints and paints with various effects are an ideal solution for your events ; you can use them for the delimitation of places, the signaling of zones at risk or emergencies.

    Our products can be used outdoors or indoors, day or night.

  • Line marking paints and equipment


    A range of line marking paints and accessories such as trolleys to structure the space, delimit the surfaces and optimize the circulation.

    Easy to apply, our line marking paints offer an impeccable result and good resistance over time...

  • RAL touch up paints and other industrial paints


    RAL touch up paints and other industrial paints to easily and quickly restore your supports.

    Our aerosol touch up paints offer a range of colors that meet the AFNOR NF X08-100 standard. You will also find a wide choice of RAL colors for safety, agricultural equipment or Public Works.

  • Aerosol spray paints for Construction field


    A range of aerosol marking paints, technical products and marking accessories, essential for construction workers. Quality, precision, visibility from afar and marking durations that adapt to your needs.

    For more than 15 years, our products have been serving the needs of the most demanding workers.

  • Forestry marking paints


    The favourite choice of professionals in the wood industry.

    Our aerosol marking paints, complements and accessories meet the needs of the most demanding foresters. They're the ideal solution for your forest management, mobilization and/or wood processing operations ...

Why choosing SOPPEC ?

SOPPEC understands your business

We have developed all our products by listening to the needs of field workers. This means that we bring you products that are adapted to your specific needs.


Our marking spray paints and equipment help professional workers in different sectors day after day:

SOPPEC CONSTRUCTION marking spray paints


Marking spray paints and products for construction and public works professionals.


SOPPEC FOREST marking spray paints


Forestry paints and accessories adapted to the needs of professionals in the wood industry.


SOPPEC EVENT marking spray paints


Temporary or "special effects" spray paints to mark, delimit and report areas at risk during your events.


SOPPEC LINE marking spray paints


Line marking spray paints and line marking trolleys to structure space or optimize circulation.


SOPPEC COLORS touch up spray paints


RAL touch up paints and industrial coatings for the preparation and/or finishing of the surfaces.


SOPPEC PRO TECH industrial sprays


Technical sprays, effective and fast solutions for the application of greases, cleaners, lubricants.


Our advantages

High quality spray marking paints
Impeccable results

SOPPEC marking paints and accessories offer the greatest ergonomics for clean, precise and quality markings.

Secured spray paints
Work safely

Our products are constantly tested to provide you with hermetic and reliable products. SOPPEC is the patent holder of the TP cap : a safety cap that prevents paint dripping and break.

paint for all surfaces
For any kind of surfaces

SOPPEC products are applicable on all types of surfaces : gravel, wood, bitumen, concrete, grass, minerals, sand, metal...

adaptable paint marking duration
Adaptable marking durations

Our marking spray paints offer a wide choice of marking durations that adapt to your needs : from 2 weeks to 4 years.

wide paint colors palette
A wide choice of colors

Choose from a wide palette of fluorescent and non-fluo colors that meet the different standards in Europe.

eco friendly spray paint
An eco-responsible brand

Our research efforts are in line with our sustainable development approach to protect human life and the environment.

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