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    Our temporary spray paints are the ideal products for security signalling. They are handy for marking out sports (particularly races and hikes) and other events (car boot sales, markets, shows and leisure events). Landscape gardeners and construction workers can also use them.


    The marking durations of these paints range from 5 days to 8 weeks depending on the surface, the conditions of application and UV exposure.


    Our aerosols are fitted with a robust patented SOPPEC TP safety cap the colour of the paint. This cap guarantees you will get no drips or spray mists for clean results and optimal security.


    SOPPEC’s temporary spray paints dry quickly and adhere on all types of surface (gravel, wood, bitumen, concrete, grass, mineral, sand, soil) and can easily be eliminated by mechanical action.

    These paints are highly fluorescent and visible from afar. They are available in a wide range of colours. The TEMPO TP is available in brown, blue, green, yellow, orange, cherry and white.


    You may also want to browse SOPPEC’s range of line marking equipment to find the most suitable tools for the task at hand.


    SOPPEC spray paints are reserved for professional use.


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  • string(47) "Temporary fluorescent marking spray [2-8 Weeks]"

    Temporary fluorescent marking spray [2-8 Weeks]

    TEMPO TP is a marking paint aerosol that is used for short term marking ( 2-8 weeks). This Chalk-based product is erasable under mechanically means (water spray, low pressure cleaner, brushes…). This easily allows its use on classified or protected areas, for urban environment, for landscaping plan. Easy and safe to use, TEMPO TP is fitted with the...

  • string(35) "Temporary marking paint [5-15 Days]"

    Temporary marking paint [5-15 Days]

    TEMPO MARKER paint is the ideal aerosol for short-lived ground markings. Especially suitable for very short-term markings, this temporary marking paint is useful for signalling and marking out sports (races, hikes) and other events (car boot sales, markets, shows and leisure events).

  • string(11) "Grass paint"

    Grass paint

    TRACING SPORT AND GRASS paint is a line marker specifically designed for multisport grass sports fields. TRACING® Sport is available in a 750ml (net volume) aerosol and meets the highest standards for quality marking. This grass paint is applied using a marking machine specifically designed for grass sports fields.

  • string(43) "Retro-reflective securisation marking spray"

    Retro-reflective securisation marking spray

    REFLECT LIGHT® is a retro-reflective varnish aerosol which becomes luminous in darkness in a beam of light (torch, vehicle headlights, etc.) A «safety» solution for easy signalling of a natural obstacle or particular risk in poor visibility, outside or inside.

  • string(43) "Photoluminescent securisation aerosol paint"

    Photoluminescent securisation aerosol paint

    PHOTO LIGHT is a photoluminescent aerosol paint that uses photoluminescent properties (restoration of light in darkness after exposure to natural or artificial light) for all types of signalling/marking in darkness, both inside and out. Safety, event or sports marking.

  • string(30) "Non fluorescent lumber crayons"

    Non fluorescent lumber crayons

    A wide range of crayons to satisfy the many marking requirements. Marking on all surfaces: metal, dry or damp wood, cardboard, tiles, asphalt and plastic.

  • string(25) "Fluorescent lumber crayon"

    Fluorescent lumber crayon

    A wide range of crayons to satisfy the many marking requirements. Marking on all surfaces: metal, dry or damp wood, cardboard, tiles, asphalt and plastic.

  • string(12) "Chalk holder"

    Chalk holder

    A crayon holder designed to protect your different crayons

  • string(22) "Line marking accessory"

    Line marking accessory

    The TRACING SPORT line marking machine is specially designed for marking grass sports fields. This sport line marking accessory can also be used on other surfaces using products from the Tracing range.

  • string(11) "Marking rod"

    Marking rod

    The new marking rod is SOPPEC’s answer to the most demanding requirements of ground marking professionals.

  • string(32) "Aqueous phase protective varnish"

    Aqueous phase protective varnish

    PROTECT LINE is a water based phase protective varnish. It boosts the resistance of lines in the Tracing® and Tracing® PLUS range by increasing resistance to intense traffic. Apply with a roller or brush or by spraying one or two coats.

  • string(16) "Signalling tapes"

    Signalling tapes

    Signalling tapes intended to secure construction sites or mark out events (sports races, hikes).

Showing 1 - 12 of 14 items