Why Choose SOPPEC ?

SOPPEC Understands Your Business

We have developed all our products by listening to the needs of field workers. This means we bring you products that are adapted to your specific needs.
Our marking spray paints and equipment help professionals in different sectors day after day:

Construction Industry

For construction workers, gardeners and landscapers.

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Wood Sector

SOPPEC is the first choice of foresters for forestry markers, rough lumber, and finished good marking.

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Industries, Communities and Events

Marking spray paints and line markers for warehouses, factories, sports fields, events...

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Our advantages

Perfect Results

Marking spray paints and accessories by SOPPEC are very easy to use and ergonomic. They’ll help you do a great job with ease.

Paints that Last... or Not

Our marking spray paints offer a wide choice of marking durations, ranging from 2 weeks to 4 years.

Work safely

Our products are tested, tested and tested again. Our goal: to bring you airtight and reliable products that you can use safely. Our ranges feature the patented SOPPEC TP safety spray cap to prevent spray mists.

A Wide Choice of Colours

Choose from a wide range of fluorescent and non-fluorescent colours. The aerosol cap is the same colour as the paint: handy!

We’ve got it All Covered

SOPPEC products are designed to mark all types of surface: gravel, wood, bitumen, concrete, grass, mineral, sand, soil.

An Eco-Responsible Brand

Our research efforts are in line with our sustainable development approach to protect human life and the environment. SOPPEC was one of the first European companies to implement the Coatings Care International program back in the 1990s. See our sustainable development charter.